An Easy Detox Diet: The 2015 New Years Cleanse

An Easy Detox Diet: The 2015 New Years Cleanse

January 2, 2015 0

Every year starting January 1st I do a New Years Cleanse. Sometimes I do it for one week, sometimes for 3 weeks. Every time…I feel amazing. Below I share details of how it works, what it is, and the results I’ve gotten. 

Call it a cleanse, call it clean eating, call it a detox diet. Call it what you want. It’s awesome.

This year I’m doing a 3 week cleanse to kick start my health for 2015. I follow the basic plan created by Dr. Junger(a famous New York MD), except I don’t take all the supplements, which cost over $400. (I highly recommend you get his book Clean. I ordered it from Amazon and read it when I do this cleanse. It helps to make my health a priority & explains how you can heal your body through the foods you eat).

The Basic Idea:

Eat one main meal daily from a list of foods that are super good for you. In other meal times have a fruit shake. No snacking between meals, you want to give your body lots of time to rest, and digesting is hard work!  You want to feed your body only unprocessed natural foods that are mild and you’re not likely to have any sensitivities to. (Food sensitivities are usually things that just don’t make you feel good; like after eating certain things you’ll feel bloated, get gas, feel sleepy, have a strange feeling in your mouth or feel low on energy to name a few effects. Sometimes it’s really subtle, and you’re not aware that it’s a sensitivity, other times it’s really noticeable that every time you eat a certain food you feel a certain way. )

Market Stand

The Meal Plan:

A fruit shake for breakfast

A filling lunch from the list of permitted foods

A fruit shake for dinner

What You Can Eat:

  • lots of fruits & vegetables (and their fresh squeezed juices)
  • white meat, lamb, cold water fish, wild game (like bison or pheasant)
  • non gluten grains & starches (like brown, red or wild rice, quinoa)
  • legumes, beans & peas
  • almond & coconut milk
  • nuts & seeds
  • olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil
  • fresh herbs, sea salt, black pepper, vinegar, stone ground mustard
  • Stevia
  • and drink lots of water!

Cucumber Water

What You Can’t Eat:

  • oranges, orange juice, grapefruit, bananas, strawberries, grape, corn, creamed vegetables, nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant)
  • dairy & eggs
  • white rice, wheat, corn, barley, oats
  • pork, beef, veal, sausage, cold cuts, canned meats, shellfish (this will be hard, I love scallops!), raw meat or fish
  • soy or soybean products
  • butter, margarine, processed oils, mayonnaise, spreads
  • alcohol
  • coffee & caffeinated drinks
  • soda pop, fruit juice (unless it’s fresh squeezed)
  • refined sugars, white/brown sugar, maple syrup, any artificial sugar substitutes (like Splenda, Equal etc), honey
  • condiments like ketchup, relish, soy sauce, bbq sauce

When I first saw this list I thought some of the restricted foods were a little crazy. Like, why can’t I eat nightshades…aren’t eggplants really healthy? Well it turns out yes, they are, but they also contain a lot of natural mould, which a lot of people have a sensitivity to, without realizing it.

Basically this cleanse takes out all foods that could potentially be causing you to not look and feel awesome. Then after 3 weeks you slowly start to re-introduce them. It helps you figure out what you should be eating. And what doesn’t work for you.

Results from Previous Years:

2013: This was the first year I did the cleanse and I LOVED it.  I very quickly got rid of a muffin top that had creeped up over the Christmas holidays. Seriously, 3 weeks of endless cocktails, and lots of wine…what was I thinking????

2014: This year I did it for 3 weeks, but after one week decided I could have a glass of wine on my birthday… Then I had a few more glasses the next week. It pretty much cancelled any of the positive effects of the cleanse. Even though I did it for 2 weeks more than the first time, the results were much less impressive. Actually, there were no results:(

2015: Ok, I’m jumping the gun, because I’m only on Day One. But…after having my healthy lunch this afternoon I noticed how I wasn’t tired after my meal…and how I was not bloated at all. In fact, even though I ate a lot, I really didn’t feel that stuffed, lethargic, yucky feeling I would have after eating the equivalent portion size of white rice, or pasta, for example.

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