Vegas, Baby

May 10, 2011 0


Next week I have to go to Las Vegas for a work conference. I’ve always wanted to go to Vegas – it’s always talked about, it’s a big party place, and there’s just something about it!

So, when a work conference came up it seemed like the perfect reason to go – not only could I build my business, and make great contacts…but I would get to take a trip that I could totally write off (Oh, the perks of being an entrepreneur!)

So I booked my room at the fancy, schmancy new place to be, the Cosmopolitan hotel, and got ready to have fun!

Of course, that’s never how work trips go…it turns out I have to be at a trade show at 8am on Saturday morning to start the trade show – which means I have to get my plane ticket for 1 day earlier, and means I had to book one more night in a hotel. When I called the Cosmopolitan to add another night the room rate had increased from a decent $135 a night to a whopping $550 a night! Eeeks!

So, now I’m booked to stay at Paris, Las Vegas for one night and the Cosmopolitan for 3 nights. Nothing better than a hotel tour in a new city!

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