New Bridal Plastic Surgery TV Show Set To Air

December 2, 2010 0

bridoplastyThere’s a new TV show coming to E!, the Entertainment network, which promises to be as disturbing and ridiculous as it sounds – Bridoplasty. The show promises to award women on the show plastic surgery for winning weekly challenges in order to look “perfect” for their wedding.

The craziest part? The girls future husbands will not know what they look like until they say “I do”. How scary is that?

Stop the insanity!!!!! Where are the fun loving, feel good, make a positive, lasting impression kind of shows???

Isn’t it enough that we’re in a terrible economy that is limping to the slowest ever recovery? But to add to it, there are a gazillion shows on tv that show the lowest of the low, people gripped with insecurities, and other shows that aspire to show people in shocking, and humiliating situations.

Like we said before, thank goodness for this

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