Multi-Tasking, or Multi-Time Wasting? Women & Work

December 8, 2010 0

Women are famous multi-taskers. You know the kind. She’s having a shower, brushing her teeth, planning her outift for the day, and sticking one hand out of the shower texting her client to confirm their meeting time.

Sound familiar? Chances are if you are a woman, that’s what your life is like.

But does it get you anywhere faster, make you achieve more, and MOST IMPORTANTLY….does it make you happy?

How much of the multi – tasking is truly essential? How much is keeping busy? How much is wasting time? And how much is leaving you totally exhausted and unfulfilled?

In an effort to achieve everything imaginable (because you’ve been told you can have it ALL), women are pushed and pulled and stretched to do all sorts of things at all times of the day.

But is it necessary?

What if we just sat back, did one task at a time. Focused on what we were doing. Said no to helping everyone out all the time. Just took care of what we are supposed to take care of, instead of doing loads extra on top.

We would feel less stressed, less stretched, we’d actually complete projects, instead of having a million loose ends at all times, and we’d feel pretty accomplished.

Are you ready to take a pause, figure out if it’s essential and then just FOCUS?

It could be the start of a less stressed, higher achieving and happier you.

….That seems to be something worth trying out!

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