Christmas Procrastination: What To Do To Get Motivated

December 17, 2010 0


I’m not sure that I’m fully in the grinch category…but Christmas does not excite me at all, which means I wait until the last possible moment to buy gifts and do all the preparations necessary.

I’m not into complaining, so I’ll leave the long list of things wrong with Christmas off this post (hint, hint, it’s freezing, expensive, stressful, involves terrible music and forced encounters with work mates you’d probably rather avoid…..just to name a few). Regardless, the fact remains, a little coaxing is required to bring out the “ho-ho” feeling.

To get ready to get in the Christmas spirit here’s what this (faux) Doctor orders.

1. make yourself some wonderful hot chocolate with marshmallows. Add lots of cream, and things you wouldn’t normally drink.

2. put on a warm sweater.

3. curl up on the sofa.

4. make mental notes of memories you’ve shared with all the people on your Christmas list.

5. Enjoy those memories. Savour the fun times…when you laughed together, beautiful meals you shared together, maybe getting out of some sad times together. Enjoy the *real* moments you shared.

6. Then think of what each of those people would like for Christmas. Not some fancy, new, hot thing…but something meaningful, and set yourself a nice modest budget for each person.

Maybe their grandmother’s favourite vase broke this year and you know a guy who can fix it – get it repaired for them and wrap it up for Christmas.

Or maybe they are always losing their golf balls when playing – get them a golf ball personalizer (you can type your initialls on the ball!)

At the end of your list if you have some empty names make an effort to do some good this year – buy gifts from great (& charitable) organizations such as Me To We, or Unicef. Give your friends a gift & the proceeds will go to the charity!

Doesn’t that make you feel excited about Christmas already??

See, it’s not so bad after all.

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