How To Update Your Makeup Every Season

November 24, 2010 0

Makeup is one of those tricky things – new colours and looks come out every year, but if you’re not careful you will stick to your regular routine and before you know it your look will be dated and ill fated.

So, to keep up to date we regularly peruse the magazines and makeup counters to see what’s new.

Recently the folks over at Clarins hosted a “Red Carpet” event where the head makeup artist Phillipe was doing makeup for all the lucky ladies that were interested.

We hopped on the chair and tested out their newest look – very dark eye makeup where the liner goes slightly inside the lids. It seems a bit heavy but it actually looked great, and it was so much fun to have a different look! Forget the standard eyeliner and mascara, now I want the lovely shadows and peach blush!

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