Don’t Do Like Steven Slater: 5 Questions To Ask Before You Quit

August 12, 2010 0
steven slater

With Jetblue’s Steven Slater famous “jump” from his job after yelling at unappreciative flight passengers and the recently staged “Jenny” video showing her quitting her job after her boss called her a HPOA (hot piece of ass) there’s lots of news about

-what to do when you quit your job
-when to quit
-what “going too far” can do to your career
-how to know when it’s time to quit

But before you get to the point of desperation when you’re ready to light your office on fire, tell your boss where to go and leave with guns a blazin’ make sure you ask yourself these 5 Critical Questions To Ask Before You Ditch Your Job

Photo Credit: from Steven Slater’s Myspace profile

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