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Day Hikes: Great Outdoors With Great Girlfriends

July 27, 2010 0

Tired of doing the same thing every time you get together with your girlfriends? Have cocktail parties, shopping trips, and coffee shops lost their excitement? Ready for a change?

Try a day hike with your girls! Every year a few of us head out into a nearby nature reserve, or sometimes a bit futher away, and go for a long hike together.

We chat, giggle, take some breaks to enjoy the scenery and get some excercise! It’s an amazing way to spend time together…and best of all, it’s fun that makes you skinnier!

We’ve been to Forks of the Credit, and Webster Falls, but there’s so many great hiking trails in Ontario to visit.

So next time your girlfriends want to plan a day out together, why not do something totally different? You’ll feel amazing if you do!

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