Women And Real Estate Investing

May 13, 2010 3


For many women the dream of owning their own home, having a successful career, and some solid investments is very appealling. Recently we’ve been receiving loads of questions on investing, women and money, and how to build a solid little nest into a big bag of cash!

This month we’re thrilled to have Julia Stepanova, a local real estate expert who has done some great investments herself, and is on board to help guide us in our wealth building activities. Here’s Julia!

When I was a money struggling student in England, my dream was to finally finish studying and to get a nice job. That day arrived: the end of university, but most importantly a job that provided me with a paycheck once a month. Like any other woman I spent it all on clothing and shoes! The next paycheck was used for new clothes and new shoes (a temptation impossible to resist). I soon enough realized that I was turning into a Carry Bradshaw; I mean how many shoes can I have? What happened to my dream of owning a home? I wanted to get married and have children, of course, but first on my list was building my own personal success and aquiring some solid investments including real estate. It’s an essential part of your life and makes you feel an accomplished woman.

Since those struggling years 10 years ago, I got married, I had a child and guess what? I own a unit that has tripled in price since I bought it! Talk about an investment! I rent it out and it provides me with an income that I spend on… yes, shoes, clothes, and spa treatments.

The thing is: real estate investing is easier than you would think, and can often reap some hefty rewards. If you’re not convinced check out this story here. It’s true that there is some risk associated, and there are no guarantees, but like any risk the reward can be huge, and all indicators are saying that things are a-ok in the real estate market here in Toronto.

Right now, Toronto real estate continues to move towards balance and for someone looking to buy that’s great news. There are lots of listings (i.e. choice for you) and now over 1,100 downtown condos for sale. The sale-to-list ratio (sales to active listings in a month) that was at one time over 80% is now down to 50% and will soon approach the 25-35% range of a balanced market.

If you have already been thinking of buying, go while the interest rates are still low and the market is turning into the Buyers market. Don’t be afraid, owning a home is one of the most liberating things a woman can do for herself.

Julia is a real estate agent with Re/Max Condos Plus and you can find her here.</a

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  • Emily says:

    So ladies, let’s invest in real estate but in a same time don’t forget about the condoms!

  • Lily says:

    Put on condoms and invest in condos!!!

  • Lily says:

    So ladies, let’s invest in real estate but in a same time don’t forget about the condoms!