May Fit Month: Getting Bikini Ready

May 3, 2010 1

J Crew Bikini

For most fabulous ladies May is the month we all realize it’s time to slim down, trim up and get ready for beach weather.

So what are you going to do about it?

Like all good intentions they usually only ever work out if you have a plan. So we’ve devised something that’s pretty easy to follow, doesn’t interfere with fun weekend evenings and makes you feel fit and fabulous!

Mondays – 1 hour with a personal trainer
Tuesdays – 30 minutes swimming
Wednesdays – 1 hour with a personal trainer
Thursdays – 1.5 hours hot yoga
Saturdays – 30 minutes swimming

Loads of vegetables and fruits, some lean protein like salmon and chicken, also dairy like yoghurt etc. There’s no set plan for diet, but there are rules for treats!

1x week a cookie, cake or ice cream (not all 3!)
2x week 2 glasses of wine
1x week a creamy decadent dinner or restaurant meal

This simple plan is a good framework to start with. Don’t get caught up in details, and don’t trick yourself either…if you have a tendency to be good Monday to Thursday and then fall apart completely over the weekend at the buffet mix up your schedule so you don’t find yourself at the buffet every weekend. Chose another place, different friends or any other mix of things that will keep you away from your triggers.

Good luck, and let us know how your May Fit Month is going!

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