Is Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Worth The High Price?

April 28, 2010 2

Mexico Wedding 574

After our wedding in Mexico earlier this year I came home to discover that my dress was totally destroyed. There was a thick layer of dirt around the whole bottom, coctail mix all down the front and lots of sweat and grime from me and all the other dancing guests.

Naturally it was time to take the dress to the dry cleaner. Yowza! Do you know how much it costs to dryclean a wedding dress? Well over $200!

I hummed and hawed over this price…and started to think of other options. What if I took it to a regular dry cleaner instead of a wedding dress dry cleaner? How much would that cost? What would happen to my dress – would it get ruined. Did my dress really need the fancy treatment versus just regular dry cleaning?

At $265 it’s hard to say what you need. It’s the worstcase scenarios that make sure you spend that crazy amount though.

You might be able to save by taking your dress to a cheaper dry cleaner, but if your dress gets ruined you will be filled with regret over your choice!

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  • Ingrid says:

    You are so lucky to have someone who could take care of it for you and who would do a great job for you.

    I had to have my dress dry cleaned after I bought it, and then after my wedding…so more than $500 later I feel like I’ve been robbed! But…I still wouldn’t take it to a regular dry cleaner just in case something went wrong!

  • Lisa Ng says:

    I was really lucky that my Dad is so handy. He actually hand cleaned my dress for me after the wedding and somehow managed to get all the dirt off. I was thrilled not to have a huge dry cleaning bill.

    I didn’t actually opt to keep my wedding dress and sold it on craigslist for someone else to enjoy.

    Are you thinking of preserving your dress with a company or in a special box? You should ask around and see if any dry cleaners offer a deal with a 2 for 1 cleaning and preservation package.

    Good luck!