Holy Vaginas! New Va Jay Jay Accessories Are All The Rage

April 29, 2010 4

pink vagina necklace

Tired of just doing Brazilian waxing…why not add some jewellery to your hoo – ha? Or perhaps wear a lovely pendant inspired by what’s down under? Or if that’s not for you, how about a spritz of perfume that is crafted to smell like your nether region?

It’s a new trend, it’s all the rage…but is it for you?

Apparently Jennifer Love Hewitt “vajazzled” herself by applying Swarovski crystals to her “precious lady” to get over a break-up. VULVA Original is a new scent from Germany designed for men to smell and play their internal porn reel in their heads, and you can buy vagina jewelry from www.VulvaLoveLovely.com

Just in case that’s not enough fun for you there’s also a special dye available so you can add some new colours to your “little kitten”.

But if you haven’t laughed hard enough you have to check out the Vulva Original website – when the page loads you are treated to a short video where a hot & sweaty lady finishes exercising only to have a horny guy go over and smell around the bike seat she just hopped off of!

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  • Paul says:

    Can you understand the reactions? Simple things in nature, just like flowers are beautiful, powerful and genuine.

  • Ali de Bold says:

    I’m horrified!

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