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Career Success: Make Sure People Remember You After Events

April 30, 2010 2

For most women it’s fun to go to events, meet new people and find new connections. It’s all a part of the career game – expanding your sphere of influence and building a solid network of connected people. This can help for anything from finding inspiration from other successful women, meeting new people in high places that can help when you are job hunting, or even meeting people that can help you fundraise for your favourite charities. If you look at almost any successful person, they are surrounded by a network of other successful people.

But how do you get these people at parties and events to remember you?

Here are a few tricks to make sure you stick in people’s minds:


Accessorize with something different This may sound silly, but it works. Wear something that sets you apart and is a good conversation starter with strangers. At a recent event I wore this crazy feather and lace hat, because I wanted to wear something that people could talk about, but also if I contacted them later I could mention that I was the lady with the feathered hat and they would remember me. It worked too – everyone I approached and introduced myself to commented on my hat and everyone responded to my emails when I said hello from the lady with the feathered hat!

Wear bright colours When you go to events take a look at how many women and men are wearing black or dark colours. Probably more than 75%! So if you want to be easy to find later at the event wear something bright. It will make you stand out and you will also be noticeable in any pictures that are taken. When you contact the people you met again you can mention how you were the girl in the yellow shirt and everyone will remember.

Ask about your new contacts hobbies, interests, or anything slightly different If you can start a conversation and somehow tap into your new friends interests, passions, or hobbies you might find that you have something in common, and can develop an emotional connection…which is the best way for people to remember you! Even if you don’t have much in common you can ask questions and learn some cool new stuff that you didn’t know before!

Smile, and look like you are having a good time People like to surround themselves with other people that make them feel good. So when you meet people smile, nod, laugh (not fake though), and loosen up. It’s more likely for people to remember you if you leave a positive impression in their minds.

Introduce the people you just met to the people you already know If you seem like you are connecting people and can offer something to others they will appreciate it, and think more fondly of you…therefore remembering you. If you seem like someone who is dominating a conversation, won’t introduce your new friend to others and don’t really offer anything the person will likely forget you…or worse yet, avoid you in the future!

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  • Ingrid says:

    Isn’t it interesting, doing something so simple sets you apart and also makes you feel great.

    I met one girl that wore huge reading glasses, because it made people remember her and made her feel special.

  • Tamika Auwai says:

    Love your tips…i started wearing a more vibrant lipstick. I swear it also makes me feel more confident too.