Spring Success Resolution: What’s Yours?

March 24, 2010 0

Succesful Woman

Inside all of us there is a super duper successful person. Whether you want to be the president of your own company, the best mother in the world or a Nobel prize winner almost every single one of us has a secret dream of doing something amazing.

What’s your dream?

And more importantly, what are you doing about it?

One quick way to keep yourself on the path to success is to set regular goals and resolutions for yourself. Take five minutes and come up with your Spring Success Resolution! Choose something that is challenging, but not intimidatingly huge. Instead of starting out with a resolution like make 1 million dollars in May, make it bite sized, and perhaps set your resolution to meeting one potential client for coffee each week. New business equals more money, so you will be on the way to your goals, but you won’t be crushed if you don’t make 1 million!

If you think you can handle a few resolutions why not make monthly goals – here’s an example to follow, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes and look over your plan at the end of the month to see what went wrong and how you can fix it for the next month.

So goal away, and start on your own path for massive success!

Good Luck!

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