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March 10, 2010 8

Bride and Groom

On March 5th I officially became a Mrs, and it was quite a celebration to mark this event!

In my mind I pictured this being a relaxing and pampered day…but it’s a lot of work to get pampered! In the morning I had my nails done, followed by hair and makeup in the afternoon.

I wanted to have pictures taken with my husband when we had our wedding outfits on, and while we had full sunlight, but I didn’t want to interrupt our event between the ceremony and the reception…so we did things a little differently. We had our pictures taken before our actual wedding! It’s a tad unconventional for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the ceremony, but we’re not really conventional people.

coming to pick up the bride

coming to pick up the bride

Mexico Wedding 554

Mexico Wedding 574

When the photographer arrived we spent an hour and a half having our pictures taken. We posed and chatted and kissed for the camera. So much kissing! I’m not much of a camera kisser, it seems kind of cheesy to me, but every second picture our photographer wanted a smooching pose, until I said “enough!”

so much kissing!

so much kissing!

After our pictures I went back to our room where my aunt and uncle were waiting for me. Originally I was going to walk down the aisle by myself, just because I’m that independent kind of girl, but it didn’t seem right. My aunt and uncle are like my second parents, and they, more than anyone, have mentored me, and guided me to become the person I am today. If anybody deserves the honour of walking me down the aisle it’s them.

So with my aunt and uncle we went to the gazebo where our ceremony was going to take place. We practiced our walk in the room, but when we walked down the aisle we were all in a different step! But even funnier than that…I forgot to show my train! My dress stayed in the bustle while I was walking down the aisle and throughout the ceremony. Even in the pictures before the ceremony. Ooops!

Aunt and Uncle walking me down the aisle

When I got to the gazebo and was ready to exchange vows I felt really excited and a tad nervous. I just remember having a huge smile on my face. It was a nice environment and I totally forgot that there were a bunch of people watching us in what I think is a very intimate experience. The only funny, and cheesy thing, was that when we exchanged our vows the justice of the peace gave us a microphone to repeat after him. Is that normal in weddings? It seemed very strange to me, but if we didn’t have them no-one would have heard us.

not so intimate - using a microphone to say "I do"

After the ceremony we had a champagne toast with the guests, followed by an outdoor cocktail hour. The whole week the evenings had been really chilly, but luckily on this night we had a nice warm breeze that was perfect for our cocktail hour. We had chairs outside, great music, some snacks and an open bar – everything you need for a cocktail hour!

finally a chance to relax!

finally a chance to relax!

After an hour or so of cocktail hour we went into the reception room and got ready for dinner. Since some of our guests had birthdays on our actual wedding day we decided to incorporate that into our wedding party. First, we had a three year old Isabella’s birthday song and cake. It was very cute! We also had a birthday at midnight for my new sister in law.

When dinner came we arranged for the kids meals, chicken fingers and French fries, to come out first, followed by the four course adult meals. Our first course was tomato and mozzarella salad with a pesto drizzle, followed by a Mexican lemon and chicken soup, and our main course of beef tenderloin. The food was excellent! We had crème brulle for dessert, but I was too busy having fun to eat any.

When the dinner was over we started dancing and getting wild. For Argentininan’s weddings are not formal affairs where everyone is on their best behaviour – instead it’s a time to get silly, have fun, and act wild!

the groom being thrown by friends

the groom being thrown by friends

taking the groom to the bar

taking the groom to the bar

When the cake came out we were too tipsy and wild to enjoy cutting it, so we let it sit on the table, and decided to cut it the next day with just our family around. It was the perfect way to do it, because really we wouldn’t have enjoyed it doing it on our wedding night. We had done our obligations all week long, and the last thing I was interested in was doing one more thing that was formal and planned and involved us passing out cake and making sure we included everyone.

So instead on our wedding night we kept on dancing, drinking, and letting loose all night long. It was a very fun event, and definitely memorable.

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  • Nelia says:

    Ingrid- congratulations, and what a relief to have had it all gone so well. Looks like it was a heck of a lot fun!

  • Veronica says:

    Both of you look amazing and I LOVE you in your dress. You are glowing. Can’t wait to see you soon to celebrate. Congratulations again Ingrid (and Gaston) :)

  • Sharon says:

    Congratulations Ingid,
    You have a way of writing that is so interesting! You both look fantastic ~ I am very happy for you.

  • Ingrid says:

    Thanks for the comments ladies!

    The dress was a real scramble, but it turned out wonderfully. I’m ashamed to admit it but I have 4 dresses in total…I kept on settling until I found this one! Sounds ridiculous, I know!

    No, they aren’t trying to kill the groom…although at times I wanted too! He’s from Argentina and their weddings get REALLY roudy. He has a totally destroyed suit to prove it! I was happy it got wild though, it made the wedding very fun!

  • C. Morgan says:

    Congratulations once again! Awesome wedding! Loved the pics. BTW, are they trying to kill the groom? The last picture looks like they’re trying to smash the groom against the wall. (kind of medieval folks banging down the door)

  • Jennifer Rollo says:

    Hi Ingrid,

    Hope you are doing well :) I check in to your blog every once and a while and saw your wedding pics up- you both look wonderful- sorry I missed it!

    It looks like it was the perfect wedding Ingrid- congratulations and best wishes to you both!!


  • Naomi says:

    BEAUTIFUL! It looks like everything was perfect for the 2 of you. (great dress too!)

  • Jocelynne says:

    Congratulations Ingrid! You looked gorgeous.