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A Great Weekend Escape: Toronto’s Harbourfront

March 31, 2010 3

With the Spring temperatures rising this weekend is the perfect time to head to Toronto’s Harbourfront and enjoy all it has to offer! Start off by taking a stroll along the waterfront path. You will pass by all the boats, parks, restaurant patios, and see these great deck bridges that were opened last year.

After you’ve built up an appetite from your walk go to one of the great restaurants for lunch. Il Fornello is a favourite, and they have a large patio right on the water with a great menu and decent wine list too. The Watermark pub is also a good choice for a pub lunch and draught beer. If you’re more in the mood for sushi head to Ichiban Sushi or Oyshi Sushi, both have great menus at reasonable prices.

The Habroufront Second Cup patio is the best in the city!

The Habroufront Second Cup patio is the best in the city!

If dining out is not your thing perhaps a coffee is in order. The Second Cup at Harbourfront has the best patio in the whole city! It’s right on the water, and you can see all the boats coming and going and just sit staring down at the water. This patio gets full sun from approx 10am-3pm, so keep that in mind.

If you are more loyal to Starbucks there is one across the street. Although it doesn’t have the patio of the Second Cup it does have great people watching. If there are no spots on the patio you can also sit next door at the waterfall and watch everyone from there!

If you are a dog lover there is a great dog centre right by Ichiban Sushi and just off the crazy wave bridges. You can bring your pooch and play away for hours at a time!

For art lovers and culture mavens the Harbourfront Centre has cool art shows on a regular basis, and also live theatre which is really popular.

On the ferry to the Toronto Islands

On the ferry to the Toronto Islands

Ready to see more? Consider taking the ferry over to the Islands – here’s a post on what you can do there.

However you chose to spend your Easter long weekend make sure you take some time out, relax and enjoy one of the great things your city has to offer. Get out there and start living!

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  • Ingrid says:

    We do love the patio at the Second Cup, and have never actually seen dead fish floating by. The occasional piece of garbage yes, dead fish no.

    If you think there are many other amazing waterfront patios in Toronto why not share, share, sugar bear!

  • Eslu says:

    “The Second Cup at Harbourfront has the best patio in the whole city!” … um… sure, if you enjoy the rank smell of dead fish and floating garbage on hot summer days, and diesel fumes on all the other days. There are many waterfront patios that surpass that one, by far. You should get out there a little more.

  • Paul says:

    Life is gift. Simplicity, is absolutely a thing of joy and peace of mind. Sun rise or sunset is a great beeauty to behold. A cold drink on a hot day is truly refreshing. And a good laugh lights up the spirit.