Wedding Dress Shopping

January 4, 2010 0

Just for the record I’m not a typical bride. I’ve never dreamed of what my wedding would be like, I’m not that worried what my dress looks like, and dealing with everyone’s requests and suggestions makes everything seem more like a hassle than fun.

And it’s not that I’m not excited to get married. I’m very excited to share my life (officially) with my chosen one. It’s just the whole procedure of the wedding seems a bit much.

If I had my way we’d be going to city hall, sharing a glass of champagne and then going on a cool trip. But…my Latino fiancé and his big family would never have it. And I don’t want to be the evil gringa in the eyes of his family. So, a big wedding it is!

Our compromise is to do it in Mexico, as a destination wedding. And based on all the schedules in the wedding magazines I’m already late. Everyone says you should do this 18 months to 6 months prior to your wedding. Holy Cow!

So three months out I hit the streets in search of a suitable wedding dress. I had a vague idea of what I wanted. Fun, light, flowy, pretty basic – and not expensive. I am blown away at the $2,000 price tags on so many dresses! And I’m a girl that likes to spend money on things I love, but a dress I wear once just seems crazy to spend so much money on.

I’d be happy with a $50 dress. I can digest $300, but more than that makes me wiggle inside.

Armed with friends and family we went on a search for a dress. We went to three different stores, and tried on a few different dresses at each place. It was so much fun to wear princess dresses and try everything on without looking at the price tag. Of course that wasn’t my reality but I just wanted to have fun and pretend I had no limits.

It was fun but also pretty tiring. Who knew wedding dress shopping was so much work!

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