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Travel Diaries – Highway Tragedy in Florida

January 21, 2010 0

Over the last few weeks we’ve been on a road trip throughout the USA. We started in Toronto, went to Washington DC for Christmas and then on to Charleston, Savannah, and finally Florida.

Our first stop in Florida was outside of Jacksonville in a road hotel. We were both too tired to continue on, and we’d been stuck in a never ending traffic jam that took us 3 hours just to get outside of Savannah. As frustrating as it was, it was also heartbreaking. Originally we couldn’t figure out why the traffic was taking forever to move…seriously, we were going 20 mph for 2 hours straight. It was like we were in a street parade for Senior’s Day!

So of course we started getting frustrated and agitated…until we came upon the real reason the traffic had been so backed up. There was a massive crash involving a semi truck and four cars and all of them were completely destroyed. There were five police cars around, skid marks everywhere, a few tow trucks…and a Hearse. No ambulance, just a Hearse.

This whole scene really haunted me. The cars all looked like they had been put through a garbage compactor and I couldn’t stop thinking about the people that used to be in them. Mothers, daughters, sons, friends, colleagues…those people could be so many important things to so many different people.

And now they are gone.

Then of course my thoughts turned inside our car, and thinking about how much I care about my fiancĂ©, and how I would be completely devastated if he wasn’t with me.

So after holding back some tears we chatted about how many crazy accidents we’ve seen on this trip. And how none of them were worth it.

We decided to slow down, enjoy the drive, and chill out with the passing, speeding, and other carryings on that put us closer to harms way.

Sometimes it’s okay to get to a destination later, especially if it means you arrive alive.

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