Travel Diaries – Road Trip: Charleston

December 28, 2009 1

Christmas is over, it went well, and our trip to Washington DC has wharfed into a whole new adventure! We’re going to the Florida Keys!

In the beginning of planning our trip we decided we wanted to see many of the cities and sights along the way to Florida. Since flying to all these different places would be way too expensive we decided a road trip would be a fun and less expensive way to see all these great places along the way.

We came up with a general plan, and then asked our frequent traveller friends for their recommendations.

Charleston was a city that everyone kept on recommending.

And I can see why.

It’s a lovely city. So beautiful and charming and historical. There are so many small streets, with well maintained buildings, and whole lot of that Southern Charm.

We planned on only spending a few hours in Charleston. But we got pulled in. We walked randomly around the city, admired the architecture and unique character of the city, strolled some more, stopped for a glass of wine, and continued on. Several hours later we found ourselves surprised at how much time had passed!

So instead of charging on we stayed at a local hotel and kept on enjoying!

If I could do this leg of the trip differently I would have spent more time in Charleston, and taken a guided tour to learn about all the history.

But, since we need to be in Key West in a few days it’s time to motor on!

Up Next: Savannah

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