Home Design Obsessions

November 25, 2009 0

I love home decor and designs. I could spend weeks browsing through stores looking at nick knacks, paint colours, home accessories and design elements. I could go to open houses every weekend. I could buy all the coffee table books and magazines on beautiful houses and homes.

If I had it my way I’d be changing my apartment design every month.

But, clearly that gets a little pricey.

So, for now I’ll stick to my pink 377 square foot apartment, and keep the plan to redecorate in my back pocket.

But even then, the styles of homes I like are so varied. Stone and wood detached homes look cozy, deep red brick square homes look traditional, and I love modern townhouses too. I just can’t decide!

I think I’ll have to be a house flipper in the future so I get to experiment with all these different styles!

Photo Credit: Young House Love Blog

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