The Secret to Extending the Summer

September 14, 2009 0

This year our summer in Ontario was not so perfect. Until mid August the temperatures were well below our seasonal average, and we had so much rain it felt like we were in Vancouver!

When the good weather finally hit the whole province seemed ready to celebrate. Here in Toronto people seem much happier, friendlier and positive.

To get the most of this good weather I try to take in every morsel of sun and nice weather possible. And then I found the secret.

Morning walks by the lake.

During the week I set my alarm a little bit before my usual time. I pull myself out of bed, grab a coffee and take a nice long walk along the lakeshore.

It’s so nice to see the city before everyone has woken up. The air is still, the sun is white, and the grass is dewey. Joggers pass by, people walk their dogs, and the boats gently cut through the waves.

I get half an hour extra of summer weather everyday.

It’s the perfect way to start the day.

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