Save Like Squirrels!

September 17, 2009 2

It’s official…the weather is getting cooler, the evenings are shorter, and it is time to start saving.

After having fun all summer long and living a carefree existence it is time to buckle down and save up. First step – set up an appointment with a banker and come up with a plan for RRSP savings.

Having been a student for so long I have always been able to use my tuition to provide me with a substantial tax return. Now, the tuition credits have all been used up and I need alternative ways to getting a good tax return and saving my money.

I love saving money and watching it grow. I find it so rewarding and I feel like I’m making some very good choices in my life.

Onwards and upwards!

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  • I get a sense of satisfaction from saving also. It feels much better to know I have control of my life than to waste money on every frivolous product that I will eventually forget about anyway.

    • admin says:

      Me too. Whenever I really need to save I ask myself if I need the product in my hand before I buy it. It really helps me realize how much money I’m spending on stuff I don’t need. Instead I save that money and feel awesome about it!