The Joys of Being a Girl

August 18, 2009 0

I love being a girl.

There are special privileges afforded to us, just because we’re girls.

Eating cereal or toast for dinner and nothing else.
Being indecisive on things, then making up our minds, only to change them again
Getting weepy as soon as the sad music starts in movies
Squealing in delight when we see the perfect shoes or purse
Spending a long time thinking about which nail colour is the perfect fit at the nail bar
Being able to blame pretty much everything on hormones and PMS

But most of all, I love being a girl because…

That lovely sisterhood bond we have with our bestest girl friends. The sweet and supportive friendships where you get to just be yourself, and you know you can count on your girls whether it’s to share a laugh or a tear.

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