Shopping in Italy

August 10, 2009 1

When in Rome, do as the Romans…and based on how well put together all Romans looked that meant that I also had to put myself together. Of course this meant I had to do some serious shopping!

So, on the last day in Rome I set aside a few hours to do some power shopping…and as it turns out power spending! After running around visiting tourist sites all morning I went as fast as I could through the shopping area near the Spanish Steps in search of the perfect purse.

I went into all the designer stores, like Hermes, Chanel, Prada and Gucci, but since I was in Italy it seemed only fitting that I buy an Italian purse! I actually wasn’t looking for an extremely expensive designer purse, I was looking for a Furla purse, but given the frusturating shopping experience in Furla I couldn’t bear to have my statement “Italian” purse from that store.

So…I splurged…and in a BIG WAY! It was nearing 7pm and all the stores were preparing to close. I was starting to get stressed and I could feel my window of opportunity closing in on me. Was I going to miss out on my dream of buying a fancy Italian purse in Italy? Not me! So with 20 minutes of shopping time left I ran into Prada, all sweaty and dirty and very uncivilized. I was touching everything, moving all the merchandise and not acting very Prada at all. One of the sales people was very patient with me, showing me all the goodies I requested, and then my Prada dream purse appeared in front of my very eyes!

I knew it was destiny as soon as I saw the detailing and the perfect mixture of hardware and fine leather.

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