Seven Great Things About Dating

August 6, 2009 0

For most daters we go through periods of a dating slump – we question if our dream partner is really out there, we wonder when our next date will appear, and after many failed dates we may even start to have a negative attitude and wonder if it’s really worth it. Sometimes all we need is a little reminder of the positives to keep us trucking along. So don’t despair daters, there are many great things about dating!

1. You get to know yourself really well. What you like, what you don’t like…and all the thing in between. The better understanding you have of yourself the better you can judge if your date would fit into your picture.

2. You learn to read other people well. After many dates with many different people you figure everyone out pretty easily. Enjoy the extra knowledge that you pick up along the way, so when you are out on future dates you’ll know if he’s a prince or a toad in no time!

3. You get to try different people on for size. Many successful daters go all over….larger men, older men, jokers……until they found the perfect fit. Don’t keep on trying the same thing and wondering why it doesn’t work…mix it up and you may have more success.

4. You get to see lots of new places. When dating we tend to be more adventurous and so do our dates, so we get exposed to new places and new things very easily. It’s like you get to be a tourist in your own life!

5. You get to meet new people. Sometimes he’s not Mr. Right, but we get to meet lots of new great people and their friends and families. Enjoy the contact with new people…they may end up being your friends or business colleagues in the future!

6. You get to kiss lots of boys. Need I say more?

7. You have great stories to tell your girlfriends!

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