Organic Beauty Product Review

August 27, 2009 1

In my constant search for healthier beauty products I stumbled upon some that might just be what I’m looking for! I posted earlier that I wanted to find products that are organic, and more friendly to my little body. Initially I tested out deodorants….without much success.

So I turned my attention to moisturizers and cosmetics.

I found a multi purpose colour stick for lips/cheeks/eyes/décolletage, called Freedom Glow Beauty Balm from Revolution Organics. It comes in a creamy and compact tube and is perfect for travels! It is long lasting and I loved the bronzed colour – perfect for my olive skin!

I also tested out some of their moisturizers and I found an All Over Body Balm that is quite lovely. I really liked it for my hands and dry cuticles. I put it on before bed and when I woke up I had soft and supple hands, without the greasy feeling.

So it seems my search for healthier beauty products was not in vain. Yup, now I’m looking sexy minus the guilt!

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