My Lip Stain Loves Me Long Time

August 12, 2009 0

I have a confession. I’m a lip biter. I have been for years. Every time I apply lipstick it’s mere minutes before I’ve removed it by biting my lips. I’ve tried everything from the very pricey brands to the super cheap drugstore variety but nothing seems to stay on my lips longer than twenty minutes, until…I discovered lip stain!

When I first opened the tube, I thought it looked weird. When I applied the lip stain it seemed like I was drawing on my lips with a felt pen, and it smelled a bit strange too.

But when I looked in the mirror five minutes later I could still see my lips brightly lit with colour! I checked again in ten minutes and they were still fully coloured then too! I checked every ten minutes and it wasn’t until an hour later that the colour started to slightly fade. And several hours later I still had tinges of colour on my lips!

I was so pleased that now I’m a lip stain convert! And the best news? Even the cheap ones work fabulously well. Here’s the $6 one I tested out from Joe.

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