Monthly Goals – August

August 4, 2009 0

It happened at 230 am in Rome. After overindulging in Italy on wine, meats, cheeses, pasta and gelato for a full week I woke up in a cold sweat. My mind was racing with plans. My clothes were no longer fitting, there was an extra layer on my tummy, and changes that had to be made. So, I came up with a plan by 3am.

August was going to be my month of two’s:

2 x per week I could eat treats
2 x per week I could have drinks/wine
2 x per week I’d take a long walk / run
2 x per week I’d join an intense exercise program (bootcamp or martial arts)
20 minutes every weekday morning I’d go jogging

I’m hoping to get back on track quickly! When I uploaded my vacation pictures on my computer I found some photos from last year, and I’ve definitely been waaaaaay too kind to myself. But I’m working on it, and I will win this battle!

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