7 Signs He’s Into You

August 31, 2009 0

For many girls dating is daunting, but worse yet you never know if the guy is into you. So next time you find yourself perplexed make sure you think about the seven telltale signs that a guy’s into you.

1. He always looks happy to see you. When you meet him he smiles at you and his face brightens up. Any look of concentration, or stress, is removed from his face because he’s thinking lovely things about you!

2. He touches you often. When someone likes you they want to touch you. This is true for friends, family and lovers – the more they touch you the more they like you.

3. He makes time for you. Everyone has overscheduled days and no time to spare, but when someone likes you they’ll always take your call, and make your dates.

4. He text messages you to tell you he had a great time. If a guy likes you, he wants to make sure that you know he has a good time with you. So if you get a text message after your date it’s a very good sign!

5. He initiates regular plans with you a few days in advance. This is a classic one. If a guy likes you he wants to lock down his time with you. He’ll ask you a few days in advance to make sure he gets the prime times. If you get last minute invites or you have to do the asking he may not be so gaga over you.

6. He introduces you to his key friends. Most guys keep their cards close to their chests, and keep you as a secret until they really like you. If you get a low key invite to meet his friends, like to a dinner party or casual drink, he’s ready to show you off. He will usually chose a low key event so you’ll get a chance to chat with his friends, and they’ll get to know you too.

7. He does things with you that he would never normally do. If a guy doesn’t drink coffee, but he’ll sit for hours at Starbucks with you, it’s a very good sign…and if he’ll watch girly movies with you in the theatre that’s an even better sign!

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