Seven Secrets About Men They’ll Never Tell You

July 13, 2009 2

While ladies tell their girlfriends every last detail about their dating life, men tend to keep silent. To help solve some of the mystery here are seven little dating secrets that you’ll never hear from a man.

1. Men want to find their perfect match as much as women do. Everyone wants to be in a fulfilling, supportive and loving relationship. It’s just not cool for guys to talk about it. Instead they talk about humping girls and sports.

2. A challenge is a great thing. Think low maintenance is sexy? To a certain degree it is, but if you say yes to everything and don’t challenge your man on some things that’s boring. Really boring.

3. Girls with limits are sexy. Don’t let your man get away with bad behaviour. Secretly, guys love it when you let them know you expect to be treated like a princess sometimes and you will accept no less. They will push your boundaries, and test out if you will stay strong on these, so make sure you are strong and believe in what you’re asking for. Don’t go overboard though. For some girls it’s as simple as their man opening the car door for them on date night, for others it’s getting him to make reservations at your favourite restaurant instead of you doing it…..whatever it is make sure it’s important to you, otherwise it’s just silly.

4. Men love to be loved, admired and appreciated. Every man wants a woman that lets him knows he’s great, and says thank you for the little things, and provides support and encouragement. As much as we love it when our friends tell us we look cute and sexy and that we really helped them out by driving them to the mall men love it too. If your guy does a sweet thing make sure you tell him. It makes him feel great and makes him want to do more sweet things for you.

5. Men love to feel powerful. They like to feel that they know what they are doing and that you are confident in them. One of the main killers of this great feeling is when women nag. It’s just annoying. Sometimes if your man takes a longer route to a party and you know a better way, just be quiet. If he’s stressed and work is bothering him, let him know that you think it’s great how dedicated he is and how you know he’ll come up with a great solution. It’ll make him feel great, even if he never tells you.

6. Sex is a great reward. It’s just that simple. If you want your man to feel great and powerful and like a man you should be having lots of sex. And not mercy sex either. Do what you have to and get yourself in a mental space where you love the lovemaking. Read some sexy novels, buy some new lingerie, talk dirty….whatever it is get yourself ready for sexy times and then get at it!

7. There are lots of things men love and they’ll never admit it. See numbers 1 – 6 for more details.

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  • admin says:

    Thanks Leyla. It took me some time to figure all these out, but they all seem to be true.

  • leyla says:

    Insightful observation. I couldn’t agree more with the “powerful” thing, it is certainly KEY!