Weekend Warrior: Road Trips in Southern Ontario

June 13, 2009 0

This weekend my boyfriend and I departed from our normal schedule. Instead of waking up late, watching movies, going for coffee and strolling around the city we decided to take a little road trip.

On Saturday we went to Blue Mountain, Ontario. It was a two hour drive and when we stepped out of the car we discovered that it was still freezing up North! Somehow I’d forgotten that two hours North makes a big difference, and what feels warm in Toronto, feels very different in Blue Mountain.

We were so chilly that we ran for cover in a restaurant as soon as we arrived! We only spent about two hours in Blue Mountain – having lunch, taking a quick walk, and then heating up with a coffee. We were both relieved to jump in the car again and head back to the warmer climate in the city.

On the way home we drove through Kleinberg. It’s such a lovely and charming little town…..I’ve already planned what my yard would look like if I lived there, how I’d walk my imaginary kids to school, and the lovely dinner parties that I’d host in my country manor…..

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